Thursday, April 15, 2010

One Week Anniversary

I promised myself that my entire first week I would post something every single day.

I told myself that I would be completely honest and straightforward, even if it hurt.

I challenged myself to engage with others, not only reading blogs but responding.

Looking back over my first week, I think it has been a success. I am happy with the direction this blog is taking and was relieved to be universally accepted and welcomed in such a short time. I have tried to be upbeat and positive while taking the time to write well-thought and composed posts. During this past week, I have learned some things:

I didn't realize how difficult, yet relieving, it is to write consistently about the things I have kept hidden from the world for so long.

I learned how knowing and being able to talk with people who have gone through similar trials in their lives can be comforting and insightful.

I underestimated how thrilling and addicting it is to get comments.

Looking around the “MoHosphere,” I applaud all of you, my fellow bloggers. I never realized what a commitment blogging truly is, and Beck just hit four years! Yet, some of my fears and concerns remain the same:

I worry about the course my life may take in comparison to my nurtured beliefs by opening up and becoming more comfortable with my nature.

I fear someone I know discovers this blog and figures out who I am, yet deep down I want it to happen.

I fret being too aloof, too preachy, too depressing, too introspective, too random and too boring.

Looking forward, I hope to find a balance in all things which results in me being happy with who I am and who I have become. I hope that this blog turns into a living journal of my journey that I can look back and be proud of my progress. And I hope that each and every one of us finds our way amidst whatever life throws at us.


  1. It's definitely hard to write about your deepest secrets, and I think you've had a great start. It just gets better from here as you get more comfortable with yourself and with blogging.

    And don't worry about being too boring or depressing. Just write what's on your mind and everything else will follow.

  2. Kyle's right. Write about what's on your mind. I'm glad that you're out there. It does get scary but remember that we're all here to show support :)

    Happy 1 week anniversary!

  3. Everyone deserves a place where they can express themselves fully, and it's nice to read blogs like yours and know that there are others around that I can relate to. Thanks for blogging.

  4. Horizon...welcome! Without knowing you I'm very proud of you for making this step and starting a blog. Others are so correct that it can be hard sometimes to write about the often very personal things with which you feel. Be patient and honest with yourself. Don't force yourself to write about anything you don't want to on here.

    I loved your first couple of fears...I shared them as well. If I may say one thing regarding your first fear...stay close to your Heavenly Father. If someone would have told me, when I started my blog, that I would have dated a guy for almost 9 months I wouldn't have believed them. However, I stayed close to my Heavenly Father so that my path would indeed be "my path".

    Your Heavenly Father loves you. Christ loves you. WE love you. Lean on us when you need strength and share with us when you experience happiness & joy.

    Much love brotha!

  5. Amen to Andy's comments. Welcome!