Sunday, April 11, 2010

Many Thanks

I just wanted to post a quick thank you note to everyone for your encouraging comments and e-mails. I really am happy to be here and share my thoughts with you as well as read your posts.

As to the comment about my blog image, I knew I wanted to join this blogosphere for a while, so I planned for it for quite some time. I wanted to do it justice the first time around, giving the blog the proper attention it deserved since the issues I planned to discuss have taken up so much of my faculty in life.

Plus, I knew if I took the time and liked what I created, I would be more inclined to come back and blog frequently. I compiled a whole list of names I could fit the anagram “MoHo” into and ultimately liked the symbolism of the “MOving HOrizons” title. I even have a list of topics to eventually cover, but some are easier to write about than others, and I would like to keep an upbeat tone.

Once again, thanks again for the encouragement. It is interesting to see where each of us falls in terms of progression along the MoHo path as we have so many shared and similar experiences. I look forward to getting to know you all.

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