Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Five Years Out

Five years out. I can hardly believe it myself.

A half decade of truly being me! In the past five years, I’ve been on such a journey. From helping out the gay Mormon community to then focusing more on my own health and stability, I’ve found that true happiness comes from both serving others and from within. And I’m happier than ever.

I’m going through so much change right now, but change is good. It
keeps you humble and moving forward. Everything is up in the air right now—my job, where I live, what my future may hold. But the one thing that has been constant is the close circle of friends and family who support me through everything. I even still have friends I met from this very blog.

That’s why I still keep this blog up even though most of the Mohosphere seems to have migrated to Facebook and beyond. Every year I look back, read through my posts and see how far I have come. And if it can be helpful at all in other people’s pursuit of peace, then all the better.