Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Google Knows I'm Gay

My blogging has finally caught up with me. I have started to be targeted online with gay ads by Google.

Actually, now that I think about it, quite a few companies should know I'm gay by now.

Amazon would know because I just ordered the books "No More Goodbyes" and "In Quiet Desperation." Come to think of it, Visa should know too because that is what I used to pay for them.

I don't think Apple could tell solely from my love of showtunes and pop music, but they should know because I blog and send e-mails from my iPod Touch and just downloaded the Grindr app to see what all the fuss is about.

Facebook should be aware of it too since you just know they store and read all of our chats and messages, right? Not to mention I left my "interested in" section blank which just screams gay.

Comcast should know too since they are my internet provider and they can track everything. And if all of those companies know, the FBI has got to know too.

Geez, more companies realize I'm gay than people I know. Come to think of it, I've been worrying about telling people I am gay when I have been telling faceless corporate America all along.

How is that for a comforting thought on the illusion of privacy?


  1. "No More Goodbyes" is great! And I get gay ads on Facebook like crazy now.

  2. Welcome to the 21st century and all its... "perks".

  3. Yeah. You're pretty much out. ;)

    (But seriously, 90% of unmarried LDS guy over 23 are probably gay, esp. the cute ones. Someone should do a statistical analysis).

  4. But the corporations don't care, except if they think they can sell you something. And now that J. Edgar Hoover is gone, the FBI won't be visiting you either, lol.

  5. I second naturgesetz,

    Eventhough many companies know that you are gay, they dont really care. Hahaha...


  6. Congrats on your technological coming out! Here's to a coming out to people that is as drama free! :)

  7. @Romulus: I have heard good things about "No More Goodbyes." I ordered it to give it a read and then maybe pass along to my parents when I come out to them.

    @LDS Brother: I like technological perks. I am quite the gadget geek. Now if anyone uses my computer without me knowing, though... they may be in for a surprise.

    @GMB: LOL! If Google knows, then the cat is out of the bag, no taking it back. Google cannot “unlearn” something. Also, I volunteer to do the statistical analysis! Can I use creative methods to conduct my research?

    @naturgesetz & @jonedrahadian: Corporations only want my gay money because for some reason we spend it more than our straight counterparts. :D (And don’t doubt the FBI, man. They can do ANYTHING.)

    @JonJon: I seriously wish people would take my coming out as nonchalantly as these companies have, treating me like normal like they always have. Yay for drama-free coming outs!

  8. Aah! I never thought of it that way. My little secret may be no secret after all...

    I've always wondered if one of my friends or family set their mind to it, if they'd be able to track my internet wanderings and ultimately figure out what I thought was so carefully concealed.

    Very interesting.